Fronted by songwriter Georgia Delves, the group blend vintage and contemporary sounds to create songs that feel warmed and lived-in. With a nod to old-time traditions alongside introspective lyricism, Georgia State Line are carving a distinct niche; presenting today's country music and commentary on life with an unapologetic punch. 

Delves grew up in the regional Victorian town of Bendigo. Here she founded her beginnings in the roots of classical violin and voice, performing in Catholic school choirs whilst after school cutting her teeth in the local pub scene. It was an ‘eclectic and vast array’ of genres growing up in a family of music lovers. However, she was ultimately influenced by grandparents who introduced her to American country music of the 60’s/ 70’s, Patsy Cline and Willie Nelson. Delves relocated to Melbourne, VIC in 2014 and formed the band in 2016. 

In July 2017 the group released EP ‘Heaven Knows’, receiving a warm reception and quickly labelling them as ‘one of Australia’s best up-and-coming” country acts. (Art News Portal). Delves’ debut was praised for her ‘tender and subvert’ lyrical moments, affectionate detailing and ‘effective simplicity’. The collection of songs were written with an intention to capture an honest and blatant telling of the bittersweet balancing act between growing up and staying young. 

Since their formation the group have performed at National Folk Festival 2017/2018, Dashville Skyline and most recently enjoyed a four night run across Victoria opening for Eilen Jewell (USA). The first half of 2018 was spent touring extensively throughout the NSW/ QLD coast of Australia after quitting her day job, packing everything up and moving into a van with fellow Melbourne based songwriter, Patrick Wilson.

The Bendigo-via- Preston based songwriter is in a vein of her own. She is gritty, precise and tidy all in one. Likened to the tonality of Linda Ronstadt and backed by a band rich in the swells of pedal steel, the group are one to keep your eye on. 

‘Heaven Knows’ puts Georgia State Line on a pedestal of their own–standing far and wide above the country music niche that surrounds the genre, and it’s cultural context in Australia” - AAA Backstage

"Many Australian artists refer to themselves as Americana or alt country these days, but very few deliver the real thing as well as Georgia State Line. Hailing from Melbourne but sounding like Texas or Tennessee, this band represents the true essence of today's country music." - Bill Chambers